Why wait for God?

2 min readSep 12, 2022

As the funeral of the longest-serving British Monarch gets underway much of the background debate in the commonwealth states has been about the Queen’s role in the pillaging, murder, inhuman treatment and further interventions the British government carried out over centuries.

She and her family cannot deny benefitting from the hundreds of years they allocated time, resources, and consent to the atrocities committed on the African continent and beyond. The historical records are rife with these despicable acts but hardly is on record that any royal deemed any of them unfair, unkind, inhumane or despicable.

So, why wait for God?

Some have called for restraint and a show of respect to what many consider an iconic monarch and a true royal, and to be quite honest, I personally don’t give a rat’s arse. I have always considered the monarchy problematic to my views on fairness and the immutable right of an individual to self-actualization.

The monarchy in my mind represents a paradox for those who consider all men equal, seeking to entrench the belief that god ordains some to oversee all under this particular realm. How comforting.

I get into a fit when I consider that my own country still embraces some sort of acknowledgement to her colonial masters by continuing to be a member of the commonwealth of nations. Why should I be subservient to a home invader or a party of individuals who got rich off robbing me of my own property. The math isn’t mathing.

I have to remind you, dear reader, I am not fond of institutions, I am not fond of authority, and I damn well don’t believe anyone was ordained by god to be the ruler over any realm.

That being said, I wish the family of the late Queen heartfelt condolence and pray they are comforted in the memories they created with their dearly loved matriarch.

With that being said, I hope the Americans are watching. Because they better not think Obama and Clinton won’t get the same treatment when their own time comes. I support disrespect equality.

We need the EPL back, please.




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