This can’t be it..

This will be short.

2023! 2023! 2023!

Elections are fast approaching but what the people are truly feeling is dread and an unprecedented level of uncertainty. High diesel prices, little to no electricity, fuel scarcity, the soaring cost of food, fewer job opportunities, a shrinking economy, intellectual flight, non-stop tertiary institutions on strike, bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, cattle herdsmen, shrinking of the civic space, stifling of free speech, human rights violations, record government borrowing, corruption in government, and it isn’t halfway. All we can point out as a positive is TRAINS! We now have trains that will one day go from Kano to Niger Republic. Meanwhile, Boko Haram terrorists are in Niger State.

All I have listed above make up what our dear President is about to leave as his legacy after 7.5 years in Aso Rock, meanwhile, his political party have dragged their feet and gone to court to thwart one or two manoeuvres by their rivals within the party as the date of the party’s national convention draws ever closer.

I really don’t know how we got here, but it really is depressing to watch the news as these politicians focus on party issues while the nation is on a knife-edge.

So, after 16 years of PDP and 8 years of APC, we have gotten to the point where people will begin to make us believe these are the only two options we have. I’m not for that any longer. In fact, I believe anyone who places their fate in the hands of either party has clearly not learned anything from the last 23 years. These people are the same across the board, and the sooner we show them the people are really the ones in power the sooner they realize they cannot continue to take us on a ride.

Neither PDP nor APC should ever be an option going forward. Not for Council, not for State, and most definitely not for Federal. It’s time to give the little guy a shot. Even if all we do is chip away at their margins, I’m happy with that. Let them increasingly see what their actions will cost them. The more they lose ground the sooner they begin to realize people are awakening to what their votes mean.

I’m no longer looking for mass action, I’m looking for ways to hurt these big cows hard enough to make them pay attention to what really matters.


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