We are currently witnessing clowns parade themselves as if they were in a circus, only that the spectators are not amused.

Grown men have chosen to abandon all forms of decorum or strategy because of their desire for power and a clear lack of leadership. I truly can’t say I am surprised.

When the current bar is basically subterranean it is no surprise we will find ourselves inundated with daily declarations from people who should be otherwise doing their jobs as government ministers or CBN Governor.

It truly is a deplorable situation. Nigeria has hardly been in a more dire situation but the ones who should take this moment to show that they are capable of earning the trust of the people are instead busy trying to make news headlines or be the source of news headlines.

I don’t know how we will all make it out of this situation. It really is terrible.


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Entrepreneur, Humanist, dreamer & thought provocateur INDIE GRIFFIN