Resistance & Disruption

We have been playing a fool’s game all these years and all of a sudden I have begun to realize how. If one thing the EndSARS protests taught us, it is that these people in power fear mass action which is not backed by selfish interests, and rightly so, because they do not know who to point their guns at or unleash their dogs on. It is because one false move and their illusion of legitimacy to the foreign press and international powers will be shattered. EndSARS made that much clear, but it seems we have failed to do what we promised ourselves we’d do; apply pressure.

Gradually I am seeing the acceptance of these leaders back into public discourse, the engagement with them on platform by both the mainstream media and some fringe bodies. This isn’t supposed to be the plan. What about the tens of lives that we lost at the Tollgate on the 20th of October, 2020? Are the merely numbers or our fallen comrades? We haven’t even seen any form of repentance or accountability, zero transparency is in place, just kangaroo panels and rhetoric from talking heads who cannot see beyond what is their own gain personally.

Our president has in truth further morphed into a more autocratic entity while several sections of the country plunge into anarchy. In my opinion, this is bad. The wrong people are disturbing this regime and all we have been doing over the past few weeks is to lament. Nothing more. We have let these same political pretenders take over the narrative with their incompetence and watched them peddle excuse after excuse, and yet we want to add giving them back our platforms for them to spew their putrid lies and misconceptions.

We need to shun these people, make them irrelevant on any and every platform they consider advantageous to their messaging. Institutions we are affiliated with who choose to associate with these people also need to be critiqued and shunned. Our voices and our pockets can help with this since our Petro-dollars and loans obtained with our futures continue to feed these pretenders. But they need these platforms and institutions to offer them that illusion of legitimacy. That’s where we can hurt them, that’s where our voices cannot be ignored. The more efficient the better and time is truly running out for us.

We need to Resist and Disrupt.

Entrepreneur, Humanist, dreamer & thought provocateur INDIE GRIFFIN

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