A Letter to The Youth

There’s something young people need to realize soon, the 'leadership' does not believe in the logical definition of democracy. Their interpretation isn’t the literal version which establishes the full tenets of representation and accountability, ergo, the effective application of and the efficacy enshrined in any definition of democratic representation. They see appointments and leadership as an entitlement. The formulae does not include, categorically, serving the people to the full letter. Anything that resembled such is performative at best.

The decades that have gone by in our interrupted years as a democratic nation is proof enough.
In that highlight, there are many indications which easily show out agitation isn’t something results can be easily obtained from, because the mechanics of true representation of the system doesn’t apply to them, because the ideals were never bequeathed to them, neither did they adopt them. What they understand is a hybrid system of aristocracy, theocracy and a sprinkling of democracy (when it serves their interests).

The choice the youth have made as a movement during the past few days and their response has truly unsettled their status quo. A leadership who only saw agitation as mostly sectional or riddled with political ulterior motives. In their past over 5 decades they have never encountered such a united front in terms of protest, and they will use every play in their book to suppress us. We have already seen some of it.

It is now left to us as a movement to either cower in fear and subjugation or rise above the challenges they will surely present. The next steps we take and/or encounter will seem insurmountable at most times because this present generation will be facing something unprecedented. It is though, not impossible to overcome, and that is where the challenge will truly arise for us to overcome internal conflict and do better than those who have come before us.
Our challenges today, will not be greater than the challenges we will be presented with tomorrow, we must be reminded of that. What we have before us is the rich and profound opportunity to do better than those that have come before us, for our legacy and the generations of those who will come after us.

It is simple, do we lay down our struggle and let the status quo continue or do we as a generation see this as a first of many opportunities to change the narrative for not just a few, but the many.

This is key. Are we willing to accept that simply a few will continue to live better or strive to achieve a better future for a much larger populace. In my view, the choice is simple, but this is not a choice I can make alone, because this road we have travelled so far is not one that has been made alone.
Remember the lives of those we have lost already.

May their sacrifices not be in vain.




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